Cyber Smart Citizenship

As residents of the Cyber World, it is of paramount importance for every citizen in this world to arm themselves with all the right knowledge and tools to remain a step ahead in terms of safety.

Let us tell you the A-Z of Internet Safety from the various kinds of viruses to steps in performing online monetary transactions safely. ....More

Cyber Smart Parents & Educator

The Cyber World too has its own dark underbelly. Crimes and offences roam freely here with few checks. The right awareness of hazards and the various ways in which we can be victims of such crimes will help us in becoming a cyber smart generation. The impact of social networking sites and chat rooms and vulnerabilities due to 24x7 connectivity with the cyber world needs to be fully comprehended and we help you begin this journey of discovery safely.....More

Cyber Smart Children

Creating a cyber smart generation is the need of the hour. In a world torn apart by cyber crimes and large scale victimization of children, cyber ethics is the way to go. The internet might seem a fantasy world to children and teens. Teach them to draw lines between the real world and electronic world. People they come across here necessarily need not be genuine as they appear. Relationships made here can be as dynamic as the internet itself. Let us teach this generation in striking the right balance. ....More

Cyber Smart Business Entrepreneurs

Internet is an efficient tool for expanding and propagating business. It provides a wide platform for addressing people and a large database for seeking potential clients. Information security and document protection are two basic things that are crucial in any business. Implementing a cyber security plan is an essential strategy to be adopted by any businessman. You might be in the most secure of physical environments but a slim negligence or ignorance online could just prove costly.....More

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