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Today every home and every office has internet service on the other hand cyber security problems are getting rampant. These cyber security problems always don't come into light due to ignorance among the masses. We probably read of cyber offenses but do not know how to stay cyber safe. We at cyber smart club understand this well. We want parents to protect kids from cyber crimes; we want youngsters to develop healthy online habits. We want entrepreneurs to enhance their business with the right cyber security implementation.

When everyone demands for privacy in real life, then why compromise it in virtual life? Data Privacy is every citizen's right and it's his duty to be sensitive towards the data privacy of his fellow citizens. Upholding this basic principle can lead to cyber welfare. Data Privacy is integral to every home and every business. As online safety promoter we intend to integrate data privacy along with cyber security.


Being a member you have the opportunity to showcase your business/organization logo in our website, then you are officially showing your support for cyber security awareness and commitment to online security. Business, Organizations and governments all share the responsibility of making people aware of the cyber security. As a member, you have the opportunity to educate employees, citizens, customers and communities.

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