Who are we??

We are a team of dynamic efficient youngsters who realized the need for online safety with our experiences in various firms over the past couple of years. As professionals in the IT industry we realized the nuances and intricacies of the cyber world. The ignorance and lack of awareness among the masses was something that caught our observation. Together we realized the need to educate people of all classes regarding online safety. Soon a company which focused on the sole virtual security of the people became our goal.


To propagate the need for online safety among the masses and help combat cyber crime.

Core Values

In cyber smart club we emphasis on the three core C's.

C-Communicate- Awareness comes with basic communication. As citizens of the cyber era it becomes although more essential to communicate and spread the need for online safety among people.

C-Care- Our customers are our strength. They hold a very special place in our hearts.

C-Credibility- We believe in standing up for our customers every single time and never do we let them down.


To provide elite cyber security service to our clientele and carve a niche for ourselves in this field.